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Go West for Parrots! by Rosemary Low

Go West for Parrots! by Rosemary Low

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For those interested in tropical birds and other wildlife, South America is a paradise. From its cities to the shrinking wild and unspoilt forests, mountains, lakes and paramo regions, it is teeming with fascinating creatures. Rosemary Low's journeys to the neotropics, starting in 1975 and spanning 33 years, are described in this absorbing book. The emphasis is firmly on the birds and other fauna, with a sprinkling of culture and adventures along the way. Illustrated with B&W photos.

Rosemary Low has had a lifelong interest in parrots and is known worldwide for her influential books and magazine articles. Most of her professional life has involved these charismatic birds. She has had more than 20 books published on parrots, as well as other avian topics. Her books have been translated into German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Czech and Japanese. Her first, The Parrots of South America, written while she was still in her twenties, reflects her intense interest, extending over more than 40 years, in the parrots of this continent.

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