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Strawberry Nutri-Berries for Small Birds 10oz

Strawberry Nutri-Berries for Small Birds 10oz

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Is eating a favorite pastime for your Cockatiel, Parakeet, or other small bird parrot? Do they enjoy exploring and savoring their food? Then Lafeber has your parrots’ new favorite food waiting to delight them! Strawberry Nutri-Berries include pieces of human-grade strawberries. That’s right. As tasty as they are nutritious, strawberries bring added vitamin C, among other nutrients, to your birds’ food bowl. Open the bag and the tempting aroma of strawberries fills the air. Yum! But Strawberry Nutri-Berries are available until end of August. Don’t miss the chance to captivate your birds’ today with Strawberry Nutri-Berries!

Strawberry Nutri-Berries join the family of Lafeber’s Nutri-Berries. Each one is a nutritionally complete bird food that delivers optimal nutrition. The ingredients are left mostly whole instead of being ground down. This gives birds much more flavor and texture to enjoy.

Crafted from fresh ingredients, Nutri-Berries are rolled into the famous Lafeber berrie shape and coated with essential vitamins and minerals. Only hulled seeds are used. This means that every bite your birds take provides balanced nutrition. No vital nutrients are lost to outer hulls that get cracked apart and discarded. All Nutri-Berries offer a unique texture and encourage foraging to provide mental stimulation. They’re food for both the body and mind of your birds.

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