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Handbook of Avian Articles, Volume II (Liz Wilson)

Handbook of Avian Articles, Volume II (Liz Wilson)

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Includes reprints from Bird Talk, Bird's USA, The Pet Bird Report, Parrots Magazine, and several veterinary sources... as well as some of Liz's early columns from Bird Talk and the Original Flying Machine, including an incredible behavior column she and Phoebe Linden did for the Original Flying Machine.

Articles include:
  • Six Things Bird Owners Do To Mess UP Their Pet Birds
  • Your Parrot's Unalienable Rights
  • Baby Birds: What You Should Know About Them
  • Nonsensical Things You Hear About Parrots (and birds in general)
  • Behavior and Training For the 21st Century Parrot - A History of Extraordinary Changes In The Fields of Training and Behavior
  • When Good Birds Go Bad - Why Does This Happen?
  • Seasonal Behavior in Parrots
  • The Problems With Petting and Parrots
  • Parrots & Crushes: Don't They Love You, Anymore?
  • Behaving Wildly: Uncover the Pitfalls and Traps of Problem Behaviors

This book includes a total of 60 articles and columns and 217 pages, covering issues like biting, excessive screaming, over-dependence, the "one-person bird", excessive fear, feather destruction and self-mutilation.

It also includes veterinary articles such as:
  • Care and Handling of Bird Owners From Phone Calls to Office Calls
  • The Psittacine Patient - Restraint, Handling and Grooming

In addition, one more very cool addition for those who want to read about specific issues - an index!

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