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Flower Essence Remedies for Birds

$ 13.00

Size: 9" X 11". Double sided. UV protected with heavy gauge laminate.

The Flower Essence Remedies Chart is a compact, easy to use self-help guide to the practical uses of Flower Remedies and their applications and administration in avian illness, injuries and emotional states. 

Flower Essences are affordable, safe and effective, easy-to-administer liquid remedies that can be integrated into and compliment any other form of therapy.

Flower Remedies enhance other therapies and can greatly help to hasten and assist in the animals overall healing process.

Beautifully illustrated and loaded with information this easy to use chart provides a quick reference to matching emotional states to the correct flower essence for the bird.

The chart is designed be easy to understand for the bird owner, yet created in depth and detail for the advanced professional.

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