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Hey!Berries for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Other Herbivores

$ 5.99

What’s life without a tasty treat to brighten the day? This applies to both you and your family, including your rabbits, guinea pigs, or other herbivorous pets. Your furry pals can’t indulge in high-fat, sugary, or salty treats, though. Your precious pets might eat such things, but they shouldn’t. Foods like that are worse than empty calories for your furry friends, because such foods can cause medical problems.

Hey!Berries™ offer a healthy treat option with the bonus of foraging fun. The high-fiber, low-fat, and low-calcium treats are healthy because fiber helps keep the digestive system moving properly, low fat keeps the calories down, and low calcium minimizes the risk of urinary stones.

What’s foraging fun? Put simply, it means playing with the food. Boredom is an issue for many pets, so a treat like Hey!Berries™ that encourages play while eating feeds both the body and the mind.

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