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Buffet Ball & Kabob

Buffet Ball & Kabob

$ 20.50
  • The Buffet Ball is a cage mounted foraging device
  • A 3 ½ inch, clear slotted ball made of heavy duty polycarbonate 
  • Designed to make the acquisition of food or other contents both challenging and entertaining
  • Sphere spins freely and slides up and down on a stainless steel rod
  • Parrots can spin the ball or push it up to access portions of the contents
  • To minimize waste, a 5.5” circular tray below the ball collects removed pieces
  • May be hand washed and is dishwasher safe
  • 5 1/2” X 6” X 6”

Important note: The locking mechanism is the square plastic unit at the top of the toy which secures the ball to the rod. To remove, depress the square plastic button. After filling the foraging ball, place the foraging ball on the rod then press the square locking cube until you feel resistance.  Slide the lock until it clicks into the groove on top of the shaft.

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