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Bunny Blast

Bunny Blast

$ 5.00

5.75" x 3.75"

The Wesco Bunny Blast Rolling Log Chew Toy is the ultimate rolling chew toy for your rabbit! This cylindrical log of 100% natural yucca wood promotes hours of chewing, rolling and foraging behavior that your rabbit will love. Yucca wood is fibrous and soft, perfect for your rabbit to hollow out its own nest! With natural scents and textures, the Bunny Blast log will trigger your rabbit's instincts, stimulate its mind and promote healthy exercise.

  • The ultimate rolling chew toy
  • Exercises natural chewing & foraging instincts
  • Soft, fibrous wood is perfect for chewing
  • 100% biodegradable & safe for the environment

For extra fun, hide small treats in the carve-outs! Your bunny will love receiving a tasty reward for its efforts.

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