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Mega Swing

Mega Swing

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24 x 14 

The name says it all!  This toy is meant for the"big guys" who enjoy swinging and chewing action.

  • The Mega Swing bird toy is the perfect size for Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, Cockatoos and Macaws.
  • Thick hardwood branch perches,  branch slices and heavy-duty acrylic beads, all strung on nickel-plated chain, come together to create a swing.  Adorned with brightly colored sisal rope.
  • Swings promote movement and are a great outlet for your bird to get some exercise and develop a greater sense of coordination and balance. 
  • Destructible toys satisfy a bird's instinctual drive to chew and promote good beak health.
  • Designed with bird-safe materials and your feathered friend’s physical and mental well-being in mind.
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