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Dragonwood T Perch

Dragonwood T Perch

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Dragonwood is a hardy, drought resistant bush that's also extremely resistant to pests and diseases.  Its naturally twisted trunks and branches make great perches, play gyms, etc. for pet birds.

The Dragonwood T Perch can be mounted horizontally as a side mount or vertically as a cage top perch. The irregular shape is easy for birds to grip. 

These perches have not been sandblasted; some bark remains for texture and for your bird to pull at, pick at, etc.

Small - Approx 6" x 5"  1" perch diameter

Medium - Approx 8" x 7"  1" perch diameter

Large - Approx 10" x 9"  1 1/4" perch diameter

Extra Large - Approx 12" x 11"  1 3/4" perch diameter

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