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Carnival Kabob Swing

Carnival Kabob Swing

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13.5" x 8.5"

The Wesco Bird Kabob Carnival Shreddable Bird Swing is the ultimate entertainment for your pet bird. Made of soft, fibrous yucca wood, the Bird Kabob is entirely shreddable for your bird's enjoyment. With brightly colored discs to attract interest and a perch for your bird's convenience, this is the ultimate shreddable toy!

  • The ultimate shreddable bird toy
  • Features perch for convenient shredding
  • Brightly colored discs attract attention & help relieve boredom
  • Soft yucca wood is perfect for chewing & shredding
  • 100% biodegradable & Earth friendly

This yucca wood toy is 100% biodegradable and Earth friendly. Supplying your bird with a fun outlet for its natural chewing instincts is crucial to helping relieve bird boredom, stimulating its mind and exercising its body.

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