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Donation - Phoenix Landing Core Fund

Donation - Phoenix Landing Core Fund

$ 25.00
Recently, a long-time volunteer and supporter recognized that the Phoenix Landing van needed a new set of tires during a trip north, and recommended we set up a Core Fund - to help with the maintenance of the infrastructure we rely on to help parrots. This, of course, includes the adoption center itself as well as the vehicle we rely on to pick up and deliver many birds to homes. As with all vehicles and buildings, routine maintenance is needed to keep them in working order. Visitors to the adoption center have also long noted that a new floor is needed. (One that the parrots cannot shred.)

Our volunteer and supporter has a challenge for you, to help us get it started. He has pledged to give us $500 if we can raise another $500 for these purposes. Can you help by making a pledge to the Phoenix Landing Core Fund today, as a way to get parrots from Home A to Home B, and ensuring they have a place to go should they need a stop at the Adoption Center in between?

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