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Reaching the Animal Mind by Karen Pryor

Reaching the Animal Mind by Karen Pryor

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Karen Pryor gives everyone the technology for not just reaching into animal minds but glimpsing their souls.

Reaching the Animal Mind is about an entirely new way to see, understand, and communicate with animals. Animals are a lot smarter and more aware than we used to think. They show humor, affection, and regret, uncanny intelligence and depth of thought, but you have to know how to bring it out.

Share animal trainer and scientist Karen Pryor’s extraordinary interactions with the largest and smallest of creatures in the oceans and on land, in this compelling, enjoyable, and important book.

If you’re in love with dogs, go ga-ga over whales, or marvel at elephants, if you ever wished you could talk to the animals and have them talk to you, you’ll love Reaching the Animal Mind.

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