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Unlikely Companions by Laurie Hess DVM

Unlikely Companions by Laurie Hess DVM

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Unlikely Companions: The Adventures of an Exotic Animal Doctor (or, What Friends Feathered, Furred, and Scaled Have Taught Me about Life and Love)

Hardcover, 272 pages

Whether it s an umbrella cockatoo who's not eating, a depressed chinchilla, a pregnant potbellied pig, or a ferret possibly needing surgery, exotic animal vet Laurie Hess is at the front lines with some remarkable pets and their equally eccentric, dedicated, and sometimes demanding owners. Following a week in Dr. Hess s life as she tries to uncover the source of an unknown ailment killing some of her most vulnerable patients, Unlikely Companions is an
All Creatures Great and Small with a mysterious twist that includes a special message about managing our most important relationships - those with our friends, coworkers, children, spouses, and ourselves.

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